So many hats and only one head!
-unknown author

I wear a lot of hats.  I always have.  Director – Casting Director – Producer – Writer (of many sorts) – Teacher and Coach.  I love being all those things.  I believe that this juggle of hat-wearing, these assorted vocations, compliment each other, enrich each other, complete each other.  The work remains fresh and passionate.  And always interesting.

While I warn: too many hats worn at once might be an eyesore, to say the least, I’ve been able to balance the hat-changing choreography with some style and grace over the years.  And it’s kept the journey pretty lively.  I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

In that spirit I’ve created this website.  My home on the web, a place to hang my hats.  I’m excited to show you around and bring you into the work.

Welcome to…

A place where you can come hang out and find something new or something very familiar.

A place where I’ll document, publish and share my work— and other things that might be of interest or help, or just for curiosity…

A place “For Actors” that includes info & schedules on Classes and Coaching, and other actor friendly stuff that’s bound to be instructive, thought provoking, and engaging. And here’s the link to my Studio for Actors — The BGB Studio – Bramon Garcia Braun – for ongoing classes, workshops, and community.

“Spotlight On” a talented actor or other such artist who’s recently grabbed my attention.

A place dedicated to my Directing and my Casting work.

And there’s The BGB Blog where all is housed! You can easily subscribe and peruse all the amazingly helpful posts.  Much like on my Facebook group page  (which you should absolutely join).

There are links to sites that I find considerably useful, as well as books and articles that I recommend.  And services that are my favorites — a survival guide for our career and our well being.  I’d love to hear your recommendations as well.

There’s a Gallery, a collection of photos and videos.  And an Archive of past articles, reviews and pictures, chronicling my misspent youth.

So come on in and look around.  Explore, browse, read, watch, digest, muse, respond… Hang your hat.

Risa Bramon García

Risa square

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