Spotlight On: Zoe Perry

A talented actor or other such artist who’s recently grabbed my attention:

Zoe Perry.

Zoe Perry photo

Zoe is her own actor. She’s deeply soulful and engaging, even disarming in a powerful and idiosyncratic way… and someone who has an incredible career ahead of her. She’s the daughter of 2 of my favorite actors, Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry (Steppenwolfers); she’s someone who grew up with her artistry intact. (I remember she had the force as a child.) She has a rich theatre background and has done some great roles in film. I recently had the joy of watching her work a on a film, Cotton (filmmaker Marty Madden), in which she starred. (My daughter played one of her maids of honor for a short scene so I was hawk-eyed.) Zoe was mesmerizing.

Zoe Perry IMDB

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