Spotlight on: Austin Highsmith

A talented actor or other such artist who’s recently grabbed my attention:

Austin Highsmith came to my attention a year or so ago when I was casting the pilot for A Gifted Man (CBS). She was recommended by Zach Book who was an intern at the time and couldn’t stop raving about her. Her audition was breathtaking. No, she didn’t get the role, but she did make a lasting impression as one of the most present and emotionally available actors I’d seen in a very long time.

Austin and I have spent time in my Master Classes, digging in, getting dirty, figuring it out. She also introduced me to John Ruskin and his Theatre and Ruskin School of Acting and I’ve been thrilled to get involved with the work he’s doing.

Austin has done extensive film, television and stage work. She’s hugely committed to the evolution of her craft and has both dedication and drive. She’s also one of the most generous and sensitive artists I’ve known and that’s a great gift. She’s in the zone and on track for pretty amazing things.

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