Fred Roos and Francis Casting The Outsiders

Casting The Outsiders – watch this video – The movie was released in 1983 (made 1982, 30 years ago)

What I love about Francis (Ford Coppola) is that he always did what was intuitive for him, rather than what was the norm. Casting The Outsiders his way (with the help of the great eye of Fred Roos, casting maven and producer, and the amazing casting team of Janet Hirshenson & Jane Jenkins) is what brought such truthful, real performances and soon-to-be stars to his films. I’m reminded that we have to trust our instincts in the process to get the best out of our actors, our team. I’m inspired.

And here are 2 more clips of –

The Making of The Outsiders part 1

The Making of the Outsiders part 2

– told by some of the actors and the DP, Stephen Burum.

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