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A talented actor or other such artist who’s recently grabbed my attention:

MAC FYFE is an actor who I had the pleasure of directing in Canada in The Con Artist, a feature film.  He walked into the room to read for the role of Dean and he owned it (after a rather frustrating day of seeing actors acting too much or doing nothing at all).   

On Set with Mac & Rossif (& me)

He showed up. He was alive, loose, strong, specific, engaging, daring, funny. He had all of the intensity of the character and yet the work seemed effortless – not work at all.  And, might I add, that the role was conceived for an older character guy; Mac made it his.

Mac and I had a wonderful collaboration and I became a fan for life. I recently saw him at the Stratford Festival in Stratford, Ontario, as part of VideoCab’s Production of The War of 1812 The History of the Village of the Small Huts: 1812-1815, written & directed by Michael Hollingsworth. It was a magical, wild production. Mac’s work (or rather, play) was impeccable. The War of 1812 Vid Cab at Stratford  

Video Cab 

What I love about Mac is that he’s drawn to the best work, not the most commercial. He’ll commit to a play over a dull role in a TV show any day. He loves the theatre and is faithful to deeply exploring roles that challenge him. He completely commits (with ease) to any role, transforms himself, and emerges electrically alive on stage or screen. He’s also very sexy; an actress recently described him to me as “hot and dewy”. 

Tidbit: Mac’s mom is the amazing Canadian actress, Nancy Beatty.

Mac Fyfe on IMDB

Mac Fyfe, Chameleon actor

 I look forward to whatever Mac does next; it’ll certainly be provocative, innovative, and spirited. 


Mac & Rossif









Mac & Rossif Sutherland improvising in our film, The Con Artist.

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