Risa Bramon Garcia, Director {Résumé}

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Risa Bramon Garcia, Director


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THE CON ARTIST                                  Myriad Pictures/Maple Pictures/Telefilm Canada

200 CIGARETTES                              Paramount Pictures/Lakeshore/MTV Films/Dogstar


THE TWILIGHT ZONE (multiple episodes & wrap arounds)      New Line Television/UPN

LIFE STORIES: A DEADLY SECRET*                                                                         HBO     *1994 Cable Ace Award Nomination

THE HIDDEN ROOM: THE ROGUE IN THE BATHROOM                  Lifetime TV/Chesler Perlmutter Prods

BETWEEN CARS                                                                                     Comedy Central


Member Ensemble Studio Theatre since 1981

(Selected credits – All original productions except where indicated**)

AFFECTIONS OF AN ALLEYCAT by Wil Calhoun            Act One Festival/Showtime (LA)

CALL IT CLOVER by Wil Calhoun                                            Act One Festival/Showtime

A DEAD MAN’S APARTMENT by Edward Allan Baker             Act One Festival/Showtime

DICE AND CARDS by Sam Kass                                              Act One Festival/Showtime

FOUR MONOLOGUES by Jon Robin Baitz          Naked at the Coast, Naked Angels (LA)

JENNY KEEPS TALKING by Richard Greenberg              Manhattan Theatre Club (NYC)

JERSEY CITY by Wendy Hammond                                           The Second Stage (NYC)

FACE DIVIDED by Edward Allan Baker                            E.S.T. One-Act Marathon (NYC)

SOMETHING ABOUT BASEBALL by John Quincy Long             E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

HOUSE ARREST by Bill Bozzone                                                Ensemble Studio Theatre

LADY OF FADIMA by Edward Allan Baker                                  E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

DIVISION STREET** by Steve Tesich                                                    The Second Stage

ROSE COTTAGES by Bill Bozzone                                             Ensemble Studio Theatre

COMIC DIALOGUE by Alan Zweibel                                            E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

DOLORES by Edward Allen Baker                                               E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

NORTH OF PROVIDENCE by Edward Allan Baker                      E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

BETWEEN CARS by Alan Zweibel                                               E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

SAXOPHONE MUSIC by Bill Bozzone                                          E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

TOUCH BLACK by Bill Bozzone                                                   E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

DOWN THE TUBES by Brian McConnachie                                 E.S.T. One-Act Marathon

GRAY SPADES by Bill O’Neill                                                       Ensemble Studio Theatre

GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER** by Sam Shepard        Ensemble Studio Theatre

PRAIRIE AVENUE by Edward Allan Baker                                   Ensemble Studio Theatre

Management:                                                                                            Direct contact:
Perry Zimel                                                                                              Risa@risabg.com
Oscars Abrams Zimel and Associates                                                           818-755-9500

Risa on IMDB