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“I am committed to helping actors find your voice, your courage, your conviction. With ease and authenticity.”

All of us, all the time, are seeking inspiration and answers. To find these things, we search for teachers, directors, guides, gurus. When we are at our least intelligent, we seek these things in liquids and powders and pills. There may come a time when we will no longer need a guide; when we can rest on a solid foundation built of experience and error. In the meantime, ask questions of good teachers.
Tennessee Williams

I have seen actors sabotage themselves over and over again. I have seen smart, experienced, talented actors back off from daring and confident work, giving up what they know. I have seen actors doubt themselves time and time again, and then beat themselves up for it. I have seen actors get in their own way and hold on tenaciously to the need to do so. They become expert saboteurs.

The process of trying to get a job, over and over, is totally unnatural and grueling. It’s walking on hot coals. But once we acknowledge the insanity of it, and decide to walk through the fire without resistance, we let go, embrace the madness, and take the walk with abandonment, clarity, and commitment. For we get to do the work. And that’s the reward in and of itself. There’s no reward in sabotage. There is great success in giving oneself to the process of the work, even in the artifice of the audition. In the end, it’s a skill to be practiced and mastered. And an opportunity to do what you know so inherently well. 

I am committed to helping actors find your voice, your courage, your conviction, with ease and authenticity. And to reconnect with the inspiration that led you to do what you do, what I consider to be the most courageous work there is… engaging as a genuine artist. Doing it for its own sake. Because artistry isn’t about getting a job, it’s about the joy you experience in bringing your unique music to the story. 

In our work together I hope to be able to open the door that will lead you to that place of self-confident, daring, personal, specific, glorious work…  either for the first time or to clear the path back to doing it again. And to help you find a constant practice so that you’re always alive in the work.

I hope that you will take this journey with me, with us. It’s challenging and it’s provocative. It can free you so that you can do your best work, bring your authentic self to the text, find simple, emotional, truthful connections, and walk into any room or onto any stage and be undeniable. And, more than anything, fall in love with it over and over again!

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I got the part on the Big C!  My first TV job!  Right after the Master Class.  I’m definitely one of your success stories, Risa! I can’t thank you enough for helping me get on track…
-Nadia Quinn, NY working actor
I want to thank you for an incredible workshop.  I had a great show last night, and part of it was because I was really fearless and living it out and just really full. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are truly amazing, inspirational and life-changing.
-Susan-Kate Heaney, NY working actor
No matter where you are in your career as an Actor, taking Risa’s Master Class is a must.  Every Ferrari needs a fine tune up, and so does every Actor!  This is where it happens!
-Cilda Shaur, NY working actor