Spotlight On: Leah Costello

LEAH COSTELLO:  Leah came to my attention in a class I taught a few months ago with our studio – The BGB Studio – BramonGarciaBraun. Along with my teaching partner, Steve Braun, this was the first Audition Class of our Studio session, and Leah was a standout.

Leah Costello

Leah Costello

Leah has both the soul to pull you in and the heart to disarm you. She has an idiosyncratic beauty that lights up a room and the screen.  Leah has continued to work with us in an ongoing class where she’s been doing some gorgeous work.  From there, I brought her in for a role in Masters of Sex, a series I’m casting for Showtime. She booked the role and shot it last week, working with Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan. Her work was once again superb. Everyone on the show took time to let her know that she was special.

Leah graduated top of her class from University of Miami’s Theater Program and has already toured with numerous theater companies before relocating to Los Angeles.  She has been compared to having the looks of Liv Tyler with the sensibility of a mix between Zooey Deschanel and Patti Smith, according to some folks.

I just say that she’s an uniquely gifted actress and I’m so excited to watch her bloom!

Leah Costello

Leah Costello









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