Risa’s Recommendations

Industry News & Articles

Deadline Hollywood Daily

The Hollywood Interview

No Film School

The Wrap

Ain’t It Cool News

We Are Movie Geeks

Daily Actor

Box Office Guru

Box Office Mojo

I Watch Stuff

Indie Wire

Below the Line News - voice of the crew

We Make Movies

Insights, Articles, Tips & Clips

Your Industry Insider - interviews of successful pros, advice on breaking into the Industry

Playbills vs. Paying Bills - excellent resource for actors in all arenas

Actor Genie - great actor resource of what’s going on in town

Working With Actors - Blog

Brains of Minerva - archives of fantastic articles, interviews, info

Acting Classes and Coaches

Los Angeles

The BGB Studio – Bramon Garcia Braun Studio – LA (with Master Classes in NY, Toronto and other cities)

Richard Seyd – Seydways Acting Studios - LA and San Francisco

New York (Classes & Coaches)

Joan Rosenfels

Mimi Lieber – via email directly – mimilieber1@gmail.com

Deborah Hedwall 

Robin Morse

Sheila Gray

Melodie Somers

Steppenwolf School - NY, LA, Chicago

Atlantic Acting School - NY


Corey Parker - Memphis based coach, teacher, and Skype coach extraordinaire

Voice/Dialect Coaches New York 

Kohli Calhoun

Page Clements

Amy Stoller

Nancy Mayans

Mike Ruckles

Susan Eichhorn Young

Justin Stoney


Risa’s Bookshop (via Amazon) BOOKS YOU SHOULD READ

Risa’s Bookshop List - download as word docx

Technology Support & Resources

Casting Workbookonline casting/actor resource – create, organize and distribute valuable information

ActivePitch – *formerly Active Submission - online casting/actor resource

Actors Access - online casting/actor resource – part of Breakdown Services

Now Casting - online casting/actor resource

Speedreels - Tape auditions/scenes as well as reels

Website and Reel Designers

Caught in the Web Studios - w/Sarah Sido – Websites – design & classes to create your site

Real Edits by Sam - w/Sam Littlefield - Reels – cool reel editing

Speedreels - Reels – known for doing it professionally and well – see menu of services

Taylor Nida - Reels - young and talented, very reasonable, he did my reels

Paul’s Video - Reels - top editor with good prices

Quick Nickel - Reels -concise, clear work, good prices

Kyle Art Web Design - Websites – simple, smart and affordable

Gedaly Guberek / Professional Distraction - Websites/Blogs (like Making Your Website “Grandma Proof”)

Edit Plus -  Reels/Editing/Taping/Transfers - Dave Manship  - crafts your reel, re-edits scenes as needed

Photographers and Headshots

Los Angeles

Shelli Wright  – natural, captures you wonderfully, fantastic with kids, reasonable pricing

Anacia Weiskittel - a true artist with an amazing eye, terrific with kids, reasonable pricing

Steph Girard Headshots - attractive, great eyes

Mara Casey – real, strong, character

Peter Konerko - intense, character driven, can be wonderfully edgy

Bader Hower Photography  – actors love Bader

Braden Moran Photography – real, natural, reasonable pricing

Dennys Ilic Photography – high end celebrity photography, very cool portraits

Kenneth Dolin Photography - good looking, intense, good with kids, mid-range pricing

Paul Gregory Photography  – pricier but very high end, NY and LA

Innis Casey Photography - honest, simple, real

David Muller Photography - strong, natural, amazing eyes, mid-range pricing

Michael Sanville Photography - strong, real, striking

Dana Patrick Photography - natural, strong, great eyes, a little pricier

Theo and Juliet  -also more expensive but do excellent work

Bjoern Kommerell  – bold and dramatic

Paul Smith - strong, sexy, intense, loves mouths, pricier

Starla Fortunato Photography - high end celebrity photographer

Greg James  – attractive, appealing shots, good with kids, reasonable pricing

Buckman Headshots - great angles/contrast, fully captures the individual, mid-range pricing

Vanie Poyey Photography  -fun, real, natural, mid-range pricing

Caroline White  -lovely pix and feel, good prices and energy

Shawn Smith - strong contrast, attractive, mid level pricing

Cathryn Farnsworth Photography -  fun, alive, good with kids, good pricing

Peter Randolph

Coconut Photography

Laura Burke Photography

Bradford Rogne

Mark Hussman

New York

David Rodgers Photography - been shooting actors, writers, musicians… a long time

Susan Shacter Photography -  edgy, dramatic, poetic

David Noles - personal, intimate, dramatic, environmental

Good Profile Picture (Aurelien Millechamps) – natural, beautiful, easy, reasonable

Nadia Quinn - aka Nadia Wahhab - natural light, in and around NYC, intimate, real

Sam Khan, Image Works - strong, clean, real, mid-range pricing

Rod Goodman Photography

Litho/Reproduction House

Argentum Photo Lab - this is the place I use

Isgo Photo Lab - also really good for price and quality

Prints Charm’n - inexpensive and good

Reproductions – great deal for prints

New York


Precision Photos



Creative Pursuits & Other Coaching

Lisa Rothstein – The Davinci Coach - Career Coaching

Bella Mahaya Carter - Life and Creativity Coaching, Author

Justina Vail - Life and Career Coaching for Actors and other Artists, Author

Melodie Somers - Life and Communications Coach – NY

Myra Model Management & Script Development - Script development, packaging, consultation, management

Favorite Artist Sites/Blogs

Jeff Bridges - you know the Dude

Michael Laskin Studio - teacher, actor, blogger

Casting By - the movie – on Facebook – an inspiration

Showing Up - the movie – A Conversation about the Audition

Gladwell.com - Malcolm Gladwell’s site

Theatre Companies

Ensemble Studio Theatre (EST in NY)

Ensemble Studio Theatre LA (EST – LA)

Manhattan Class Company (MCC in NY)

Rogue Machine Theatre (Los Angeles)

LA Stage Times - What’s going on in LA Theatre

Scripts and Scenes

Daily Script

Simply Scripts


Why Insanity - movie monologues

Actors Pages - audition sides

Awesome Film


Screenplays Online 

Beauty and Body in LA

Back to Wellness – acupuncture, pilates, chiropractic, massage (Valley Village)

Arcona Studio – the only facial and facial products you’ll ever want (Santa Monica)

Chaz Dean Studio – home of Wen cleanser and organic color (Hollywood)

Healing Waters – hydrotherapy/colonics, natural and pure (Studio City)

Mindfulness and Zen-like things

For your Head and Heart in LA

Black Dog Yoga - especially Melissa Morgan’s Restorative Class (Sherman Oaks)

Rising Lotus Yoga - small place, really good classes (Sherman Oaks)

More Business Services

Accountant - Keith Smukler

Floral and event design - Julie Stevens Design