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Risa Teaching Master Class

The Master Class:

I never thought a one day intensive could completely change the way I go into an audition, and that’s exactly what Risa’s class did.
Luke Barnett, LA working actor
After just one day of studying with Risa, I feel completely different about “auditioning”.  Risa teaches actors how to reclaim their power in the room, and how to have the freedom and permission to own every moment in the audition room. Take her class, you won’t be sorry you did! 
Austin Highsmith, Dolphin Tale

Why aren’t you nailing every audition? Why are you doing your best work in the shower or in your car? How can you walk into the room and make it yours? How can you come out of every audition feeling elated? How can you own your audition? Your preparation? Your performance? In the room, on set, on stage?

Come join me for
The Master Class
A full day devoted entirely to you, the actor.
It’s an intensive full day on camera workshop that will change the way you audition, the way you work, and the way you think about yourself as an actor.

We’ll work on how to:

  • Prepare more effectively
  • Know your audience
  • De-mystify the room and make it a comfortable place to work
  • Craft an undeniable piece of work
  • Make your strongest, clearest choices with ease and impact
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Work out, stretch, take some risks
  • Re-kindle and re-vitalize your passion for acting
  • Be ready for anything…

And make your every chance to act count!

My work is to help you expand your craft, your practice, your understanding and your approach to the process of auditioning… How it’s different and exactly the same as all other acting… So that you have the tools you need to be truthful to yourself and to the relationships in the scene. Our work together will build your skill set and your confidence, support your talent, and renew your love for what you do.

It’ll be just what you need to get yourself recharged, reconnected and restored as an actor. And do your best work imaginable.

Like to know more about it?  Take a look at “WHAT IS THE MASTER CLASS?”

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