Coaching for Directors




We’ll break down the process of directing film and directing actors for film so that you have the tools to do your work expertly. And bring what you know into a new context.

You’ll figure out how to work with actors effectively so that the work they do ‘on the day’ is its best.

You’ll understand the process from development to pre-production to production to post and distribution.

You’ll figure out how to deal with the politics of making a movie – how that is more of the process than you may have realized – and how to navigate the waters of prepping your film while managing the hierarchy of your creative and financial partners.

You’ll understand how to spend your time effectively so that you never forget that you’re telling a story, first and foremost, no matter what has to be done in service of the production.

You’ll learn how to put out fires, manage and inspire your troops, and maintain your vision while collaborating with your producers, team members and department heads.

You’ll explore new ways with which to navigate the industry more efficiently and productively.

You’ll re-frame and re-focus your directing career…

 Risa Bramon Garcia is one of the most inspirational and brilliantly gifted people I have had the privilege of meeting. Her ability to dissect a script and help compliment an actors performance is truly remarkable, and the warmth and generosity she shows during the process is an absolute pleasure to be a part of. She not only helped me greatly with my acting but also with my writing, directing and mindset – Her passion is infectious!  She brought out the best in me and taught me more than I thought I could learn. I am yet to come across another teacher (and mentor) who has even come close to helping me as much as Risa did and I will forever grateful for her support, guidance, insight and friendship.

Sam Cotton, Actor, Writer, Director

Risa not only answered every question I had thoroughly, focusing my work as I transition from theatre director to film director; she was generous in handing me the information that’s vital to making a film. She shared with me valuable tricks of the trade with hilarious and hypnotic stories of example, while teaching me what to expect from pre-production through post. What’s most surprising is that Risa is not only listening intently to your words, but to your body language as well, answering questions you’re thinking but maybe afraid to ask.

Paul Storiale, Writer, Director, Actor

Risa has a rare gift of helping you discover answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask about directing.  Step by step, she guides and provides invaluable insight on how to find your signature dance with actors in front of the camera so you can trust your instincts in the heat of production, whether the chips are up, or down.  Nothing compares to meeting with Risa, one-on-one, to grow and become a stronger director.  Her translation of the experiences she’s had with other directors, and as a director herself, is what makes her, quite simply, the perfect coach for any filmmaker who is serious about understanding, and practicing, all that it takes to direct in this business today.

Jeff Guziak, Filmmaker

Risa has directed hundreds of actors for film, TV and theatre

And has made the transition as a director

from the theatre to the screen.

Coaching ranges from $150/hr. to $250/hr.

In person in LA, on Skype, or over the phone. They all work.


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