A selection of testimonials for Risa Bramon Garcia: Classes, Master Classes & Coaching

Because of Risa Bramon Garcia, I’ve worked with Oliver Stone, booked four Series Regular roles and done theater in New York… And I am an LA based actor. With her there are no limits. She will bring out talents and confidence you didn’t even know you had. Do you want to work? Study with Risa. She will change you as an actor.
Andy Lauer, LA working actor/director, Screamers, Gun Shy, The Doors

In the 30 years I’ve known Risa, I’ve felt first hand what it is to be inspired by her energy and passion. She has always been an actor’s best friend. As director, producer, casting director, and teacher, she zeroes in on the unique brilliance of each actor, that individual “light” so often blocked by assorted fears and neuroses. By encouraging actors to always focus on the truth and the “now” of what they’re doing, she helps them find their authentic voices — their authentic selves! — so that they can bring a deep and abiding confidence to their work.
Robert Joy, CSI NY, Desperately Seeking Susan, Land of the Dead

You always find the time to push things further; the expansion of your voice as an artist and as a conduit for other artists/actors expanding theirs. I felt you had my back as a Casting Director, I always wanted you to Direct me in one of your films for the same reason; you understand what we do as actors and you always know what it takes for us do our absolute best. It is your authentic creative spirit that leads you to creating such a generous space for artists. Thank you.
Enrico Colantoni, Flashpoint, Galaxy Quest

Risa is a woman saturated with knowledge, history, experience, language, depth… and balls. Mostly her own. I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to work with this extraordinary woman. My life is richer for the time I’ve spent with her.
Pamela Adlon, Californication, King of the Hill, Louis

Thank you Risa for an amazing workshop in Memphis that elevated all who attended. I learn so much from watching you, as I always have. 30 years ago, onstage in New York, you were totally creative, passionate and open. In that production you built something bright, profound and joyful. Here we are together once again, and your light burns so bright, undiminished! You are both fiercely driven and receptive to each and every actor. You guide them as individuals and as a group while honoring every single one of those actors. You can turn on a dime, breathtakingly flexible with a true steadiness and compassion. Wow! You rocked Memphis. And you continue to blaze a trail with every workshop and coaching. You bring mind, heart, and spirit. I am so grateful to have worked with you once again. So much love and respect, Corey
Corey Parker, Biloxi Blues, thirtysomething

I have known Risa for nearly thirty years, as casting director, director, teacher, theater co-member, sounding board, friend, and advocate. What continues to inspire me most is her enduring passion for, and support of, actors, and the work that they do. Risa loves the process, she loves the people, and she continues to be devoted to locating, nurturing, and assisting in the growth of each individual’s specific gifts. Maintaining enthusiasm, excitement, and a deep sense of purpose over such a long span is no easy trick. Risa pulls it off because, with her, it’s not a trick at all. It’s her life’s work, and she’s very, very good at it.
Evan Handler, Californication

Risa stresses the two most important and most often overlooked components of acting, CONNECTION and INTENTION. Within a few days after taking her master class I walked into an audition for ONE TREE HILL and thought to myself, “just connect with the reader,” needless to say… I booked the job and I’ve been on the show ever since. Whether you are just starting out or have been around for a while… this training is invaluable.
Joe Manganiello, True Blood, Magic Mike

For some reason fortune was smiling on me in the summer of 1991 when I met Risa Bramon Garcia. From that first meeting Risa saw in me something that I honestly didn’t see in myself at the time and told me as much. Is Risa brilliant? Yes. Can she articulate what it takes to perform on a different level- one that provokes and inspires because it chimes with a common humanity that exists in all of us? Yes. But beyond just being an amazing teacher, writer, director, and casting director, Risa was able to make me, an agent-less, essentially credit-less actor at the time, step into a heavy-duty environment, stacked with multiple Academy Award winners and quiet the doubts that plagued me (probably all actors) by teaching me to focus on two powerful truths: one, that it is only about the work (and not the outside stuff) and two (and maybe more importantly) she taught me to ask- Why not me? Someone is going to be in this position, do this part, carve a career, why can’t it be me? She teaches, inspires, tells it like it is and is an amazing person. What happened to my life (forget career) was so remarkable after Risa cast me in a few films in quick succession is something I am so grateful for, it’s almost impossible to articulate. And yet I don’t mean to say she did me a favor, she recognized the artist in me and brought it out and helped me never to be intimidated by external circumstances that have nothing to do with what we do as artists. I love Risa and if anyone wonders who to study with, I always send them her way.
Donal Logue, Terriers, Grounded for Life

Risa’s class is such a wonderfully invigorating day of exploration. The special thing about Risa is that her attitude and passion gives us, as actors, the freedom, and more importantly the permission, to get out of our own way. To be committed to what we’re doing, no matter if it’s right or wrong. I will be back!
Aaron Tveit, Next to Normal, Catch Me If You Can – Broadway, Graceland (Fox), Les Miserables, the film

You need to do the work to get the work, plain and simple. And you may have to work harder than other people. Maybe it does not come easy, if at all. Luck helps. Timing helps. Preparation helps. And the right teacher can do even more. Risa will teach you, guide you, give you tools, support you, push you, understand you, and help you do the work you need to do. With her compassion, insight, and experience, her approach is tailored to the individual; to those who are willing to invest their time, energy and commitment to working with their own raw materials. I recommend Risa highly.
Rondi Reed, Steppenwolf Theatre Ensemble, Tony Award Winner – August: Osage County, Mike and Molly

Risa, You create such an electric-yet-safe place for us to get our groove on… Thanks so much! I love acting again. For ANY ACTOR who is ‘On The Fence’ or ‘Thinking About It’- Just GET THERE!! Risa’s Class is the MOST BANG for the BUCK you can GET!! You will carry the Power and Information from her class with you for a very long time…
Peter Murnik, LA working actor

“I took Risa’s master class in NYC. It served as a wonderful reminder that, once my homework was completed, to just focus on the reader, work moment to moment and to not get in my own way. It’s no coincidence that on my very first audition the following Monday … I got the job”!!
Jack Noseworthy, Event Horizon, Surrogates

Risa is a hands-on, big-hearted teacher with plenty of anecdotes, advice, and encouragement at the ready. I wholeheartedly recommend her class for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the biz.
Elizabeth Morton, NY working actor and writer, Death of a Salesman, Broadway 2012

Risa is a true artist who understands actors, how to communicate with actors, and how to direct actors to do their best work. She simplifies all of “the noise” and makes the work accessible and clear. I run to her class when I need a creative reboot. And be it through the wisdom she imparts or the passion she infuses, she never fails to give the tonic that I need to recharge!
Risa teaches actors how to reclaim their power in the room, and how to have the freedom and permission to own every moment in the audition room. Take her class, you won’t be sorry you did!
Austin Highsmith, LA working actor, Dolphin’s Tale

Working with Risa was a unique and eye-opening experience. In the past I have felt ‘stuck’ in my work; that I was doing all of the homework, but something was missing, and I could not put my finger on what it was. Risa broke it down. Simply. It is about passion. It is about fighting for what you believe in, about finding the hero, no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ the part. These characters are people, and it is your gift and opportunity to be able to fall in love with them. Risa asks of you “What is it that you’re pursuing?” This particular word — “pursue” –resonated in my gut, where years of ‘actions’ ‘objectives’ and ‘intentions’ did not. Risa cuts through the chaos that can clutter our minds and our acting process with ease and grace. The artist, the passionate human being, the real and powerful human being in her speaks to and draws out all of those same things that exist in you. Working with Risa humanized the casting director process in ways that I had only intellectually understood . They want you to be the one; They’re rooting for you, yes, yes. We’ve heard it before. It wasn’t until I worked with Risa that I was able to understand those words from a deeper place. Sure takes a lot of fear out of the equation when you realize casting directors are just humans.. who want to feel. Just like you. Taking this class has given me clarity , focus, and a fantastic feeling about all that can come when you really apply yourself, and for that I am truly grateful.
Jessica Kemejuk, LA working actor

Thank-you for a wonderful day! It was everything I hoped for and more. You are such a beautifully generous teacher and leader, and somebody who helped clarify what my job is in that room and how to bring myself to it fully. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you.
David Reale, Toronto working actor , aka Glenn Coco – Mean Girls

I want to report back this great news… that is all thanks to you! I took everything you told us to heart. Two days after the class I had a guest star audition. I did things I never did before. Things you recommended. And I nailed it. Not only did I book it, but they want me to recur. Thank you for all your insight. I feel I’ve found the confidence I had lost, thanks to your class.
Jon Wellner, LA working actor, CSI

There is a quote by Goethe that I have always loved. And one that every actor, beginning or seasoned, should know. It hung on the wall of my old teacher Sanford Meisner’s office at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and it goes like this: “I wish the stage were as narrow as the wire of a tightrope dancer, so that no incompetent would dare step upon it”. For some reason this brings my friend, Risa, to mind. I met Risa 25-odd years ago in New York as a young actor, green as hell, but absolutely sure that I was the best thing since sliced bread. After a couple of meetings in her office I knew this woman was more than a casting director, but a real artist, and one who demanded the best out of each and every person who came through her doors hoping for a gig. She was different. She WANTED every actor audition to come in and bring their absolute best. I remember walking out of an audition thinking “was that my best”? You couldn’t slack with Risa Bramon-Garcia. Not if you wanted to get invited back to that room. Her passion for the craft, whether she is teaching, casting or behind the camera, is the embodiment of what it means to commit fully to the moment in this business. It’s a hard business, and getting harder by the day. Risa knows this and wants her actors to be PREPARED. There is probably no one out there who likes and respects actors more – or wants the good ones to succeed more, than Risa. Last year I read for a pilot she was casting and called her a few days later. I was on unsure footing with the comedy and knew it hadn’t been my best. ” How did you feel you did in there? Did you do your best?”, she asked – 25-odd years later. She still keeps me on my toes. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Spencer Garrett, Yes, Man, Luck

I booked a wonderful pilot today and I really owe you a lot of it. As I was walking into the audition I read this sentence that you wrote me: “The difference between good and spectacular is ease, spontaneity, and being totally in the moment, as well as a deeper personal connection.” I had a very easeful, very loose screen test. And I got the gig. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jaime Ray Newman, LA working actor, Eastwick, Drop Dead Diva, Eureka

Risa, that was so much fun! It was really wonderful to see the other actors work, and how the work changed, as well as feeling the the support from everyone towards everyone, and especially from you. And to have that safe space to challenge myself.You gave so much all day. I was engaged from the start and felt like we could have gone on. I left feeling more confident and really excited to play. thanks for giving us all permission to be ourselves and bring our sense of fun. And to see how much that parrot on my shoulder with those negative beliefs can paralyze and stiffen me. Thanks for your patience, generosity, insight and encouragement. I know what I need to do and i’m really excited about it.
Dendrie Taylor, LA working actor, The Fighter, Jarhead

Risa Bramon Garcia is amazing. Gentle, smart as a whip, and ferocious in her advocacy of actors, she knows from years of experience how actors get in our own way in the casting room. She engenders COURAGE and FREEDOM in the largest conceptual way possible so the act of “expressing” becomes a bold and exciting human mission transcending the insecurities that prevent us from being “whole” in our auditions. The largesse and generosity of you as an actor are precious jewels to her. She didn’t let me out of the room before I felt a transformation in myself and witnessed this bold beauty in my fellows. Take her workshop!
– Molly Noble, San Francisco working actor

Your positive, openhearted perspective is refreshing. You really awakened something in me about the whole process of auditioning, of taking the space and the room. I have a new clarity on how I want to work — a desire for more freedom and risk in the room, and an even deeper commitment to the fun of auditioning. I also have a huge new respect for the casting process. Thank you!
Anna Hardwick, Toronto working actor

Risa Bramon Garcia’s Master Class is amazing! Like a master surgeon, Risa will pinpoint your festering thespian Jabberwock (that self-destructing monster which holds you back) and hand you the tools to excise it. I honestly can’t wait for my next opportunity to perform (NOT audition) for a casting director. Do yourself a favor and TAKE THIS CLASS!
Tufford Kennedy, Toronto working actor

I never thought a one day intensive could completely change the way I go into an audition, and that’s exactly what Risa’s class did. Getting brutally honest advice, ideas, and feedback from such a great director and casting director was exactly what I needed. And seeing the other actors audition, learning what works and what doesn’t, how certain things can totally take you out of a scene, was all so beneficial. Definitely a class I’ll go back to every couple of months!
Luke Barnett, LA working actor

I can’t thank you enough for your work yesterday at school. I loved having you there so very much. I do not sit in most of these classes because I take care of my son once we start, but got to yesterday and was so happy I did. Your teachings and honesty are only surpassed by your spirit and compassion for all of them. You touched so many of them. You are such an artist and the way you teach and direct actors is so beautiful. We all loved having you there more than I can say!
John Ruskin, Ruskin Group Theatre, LA

Thank-you for the wonderful workshop. I learned so much about myself, my beliefs and how that affects my performance and also how to deal with those beliefs. And I loved seeing how everyone took it to the next level by the afternoon. Brilliant that you made it about the work! Couldn’t have asked for more, coming to LA from London.
Georgie Smith, London working actor, Wreckers


My experience coaching with Risa was one of the most profound 2 hours I have had as an actor. She helped me understand the basic principles of being true to a character in terms of finding the crisis. Since our session I have been getting more callbacks and bookings then ever. Her insights have changed how I audition, how I tackle this industry, and not only how I see myself but more importantly how I believe in myself. Risa has a quality in her coaching that reaches in and pulls out the best in the individual. I am indebted to her for making such a powerful change in my approach to acting.
– Amy Jennings, LA working actor

I took your class a couple of months ago in LA… I then got cast in this amazing piece of theater with this incredible cast and director. It has altered my life. Thank you.
– Jen Eldridge, LA working actor

In a single day of fascinating and concentrated work, Risa Bramon Garcia reinvigorated my creative energy and demystified the casting process.

Risa is a discerning and compassionate teacher who will return you to your best creative, professional self. After Risa Bramon Garcia’s workshop I booked two jobs in a week!
John Gleason Connolly, LA working actor

Risa’s class is incredibly inspiring. She has a delicate and insightful way of breaking down the casting and auditioning process for actors and directors. As a director I was able to further develop my skills in communicating with actors in the casting room. As an actor she helped fine tune my auditioning process in a way that allowed me to arrive at a real, organic, free space. I highly recommend her class for any actor or director that is looking to develop their auditioning/directing skills.
– Ryan Williams, NY working actor

Risa is a giver. She gives everything she has to support actors because she is an artist respectful of how serious actors feel about their craft. She helps you understand how to “live” as an actor… how to strip out the “noise,” the fear, the self- doubt. She teaches you to find the “essence” of the work and how to make it a reflection of yourself in a real, organic form.
– Joe Gandurski, Chicago working actor

Risa, since taking your class, I have done a complete 180 regarding my auditions. Not only are they better than ever, I actually LOVE doing them. You are so right – they are a chance to act – and can be really fun and satisfying. I never thought I’d hear myself say that. Thank you!
Mina Badie, LA working actor, Road to Perdition, Greenberg

I got the part on the Big C! My first TV job! Right after the Master Class! I have had some great audition experiences this week and last. Thank you for teaching people what you know. I can’t say enough how helpful it has been and continues to be! I’m definitely one of your success stories, Risa!
Nadia Quinn, NY working actor

No matter where you are in your career as an Actor, taking Risa’s Master Class is a must. Risa’s wisdom, LOVE of the work & wit are razor sharp, her words will resonate deep where you need it… What I’m saying here is, every Ferrari needs a fine tune up, and so does every Actor!
– Cilda Shaur, NY working actor

It’s almost as if my career has been reborn since taking Risa’s class. From studying with Risa I feel as though I’ve found my voice as an actor. I no longer have to wait for the planets to align themselves in order to book a part. Thanks to Risa, I now know how to effectively prepare for an audition. For the first time in my career, I am “enjoying the process”. It was exactly what I needed to feel confident in myself and excited about acting again. Thank you Risa! I went to an audition directly after taking Risa’s class. The casting director told me I was the best he’d seen all day and that I was “amazing”. I haven’t had that type of feedback in years. (Great news… I booked a guest star role on that show “Eleventh Hour”! In my opinion, Risa is the best teacher in town and her class is worth every penny.
Megan Paul, LA working actor

The master class gave me the jumpstart I needed to make another hard push toward fall and winter in pursuit of work. Don’t miss it! Thank you Risa!
Patrick Carroll, NY/LA working actor Good People – MTC/Broadway

I booked a spot on 90210, the very first audition I had after taking Risa’s workshop. I am certain that the confidence and the freedom that I gained shined through my audition. I was calm and in control in the room and I allowed that to transfer into my reading. Risa taught me to play and find the joy in acting again. Many Thanks!!
Natalie Boren, LA working actor

Risa takes the “bogey man” aspect out of auditioning by getting you back to just focusing on the “work”, which in the end, is all you have any say about. Her class is a must not only for the actor starting their career but for the seasoned veteran who needs reminding that every audition is an opportunity to do your best work.
Jodi Long, LA working actor

It was the most essential class I’ve taken in a long time. Risa demystified the audition process and it became clear that the process is actually a collaborative work in progress where creative choices are being explored in the room between the actor and the writers/producers/directors. She showed me how auditioning can be fun again by allowing myself the freedom to offer my interpretation of a character (and not just the idea of one) through an honest expression of self sprinkled with key on-camera techniques.Consequently, I had a feature film audition right after the workshop ended. Empowered by the value of my own creativity I had a blast in the audition and ended up getting the part. Thanks a million, Risa!!
Shirley Rumierk, NY working actor

Risa Bramon Garcia’s Master Class recharged my batteries. Amidst the flurry of auditions that I am constantly preparing, she reminded me not to just prepare “an audition” but to really prepare a good piece of acting, which much to my chagrin I can lose sight of in the pursuit of booking the job. Not just a casting director or audition coach, Risa is a gifted director. I felt safe working on my material with her and felt my work get better under her guidance. I would highly recommend Risa’s class to any working actor looking to recalibrate, refocus, and re-energize their auditions. It’s money so well spent!
Dan O’Brien, NY working actor

I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. There was a space I inhabited before your class, one of doubt and of self sabotage and fear. I have never felt so whole, so ready as I do now, thanks to your workshop. There are no words to express my gratitude for what you have given.
Yetide Badaki, LA working actor

I want to thank you for an incredible workshop yesterday. You’ve given me the tools, permission and guidance to really go for it, to go for that second read and leave the first outside the door. I can’t tell you how inspiring yesterday was for me. I wanted you to know I had a great show last night, and a lot of it was because I was really fearless and living it out and just really full (not trying to make anyone laugh or anything). THANK YOU SO MUCH. You’re incredible. You are truly amazing, inspirational and life-changing.
– Susan-Kate Heaney, NY working actor

I’m excited to share that your class helped me have a great shoot yesterday… Something just clicked for me and it had everything to do with you saying “it’s all about connection.” Well yesterday… it dawned upon me, that all I needed to was connect and let the camera record it. I didn’t have to do anything for the camera. I just had to be. I had a great shoot and I feel like I did a great job. I learned so much, and it got me really excited about my potential for on-camera work. Bring it on!
– Sandra Delgado, Chicago working actor

Working with Risa has increased my bookings and reinvigorated my enjoyment of acting. She has a great approachable way of understanding material while keeping it simple. I use bits and pieces of what I have learned every time I work or audition. And it works!
David Stanford, LA working actor

Risa is in a class all on her own. She is the kind of person you genuinely want to spend time with, and immediately you can sense that she is on your side. She is warm and engaging, and she sets the tone of a welcoming and safe environment. She demystifies the acting process, and gives you the tools you need to get out of your own way. The exercises she uses forces you to break though any barriers or blocks that prevent you from bringing truth to your performance. Risa inspired me to get back to the basics, to bring my unique life experiences to every role, and to rediscover the joy and thrill of performing. Taking her class was a true gift.
Dana DeLorenzo, The Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Risa, I just can’t thank you enough for the Master Class. You have such intense immediate insight … it was just so remarkable working with you. I felt like a sponge just trying to absorb as much as I could. The ability to reach in and pull these performances out of actors, knowing just exactly what to say and how, what precise phrase will set them off and running in the right direction… Is just utterly invaluable.
Kate Kelton, LA & Canadian working actor

Just a quick update on my post Risa Bramon Garcia workshop experience: I was obviously ready to receive what that wonderfully collaborative experience had to offer. Or put another way, your workshop added jet fuel to the fire that was already burning in me. Since that weekend every audition has been a performance, me playing, which has resulted in a near booking on Alcatraz, a booking on Fringe and a booking on True Justice, which I’m shooting this week. Thank you so much for creating the space. Please let me know when you come again and I will help fill up your classes! Almost on a weekly basis I am lauding the power of the Risa Bramon Garcia workshop!
– Nelson Leis, Vancouver working actor

I wanted you to know that I got so much from your workshop. Your approach is so direct and supportive. It was also a wake up call for me to remember what’s most important about the work and how to have fun again in my acting. As you know I was really excited about this workshop, I am happy to say it very much exceeded my expectations. I have walked away with new tools in my bag of acting. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I really look forward to the next one.
– Marieh Delfino, LA working actor

I want let you know you have INSPIRED me in an amazing way… I Loved your class. Thank You! I’m just sorry I didn’t take it sooner.
Martha Ellen Senseney, LA working actor

Thank you for a wonderful workshop! What an incredible group of actors! What an incredible leader of the pack! Risa you are so wonderful to work with, so skilled and caring. You are an actors dream!
Barrow Davis-Tolot, LA working actor

I feel so energized by the workshop! You really created a creative, supportive, expansive environment for us. Thank you so much, Risa.
Lara Harris, LA working actor

Risa, your Master Class is phenomenal. You’re a wealth of knowledge and insights. You’re a breath of fresh air. Your ability to meet actors WHERE they are and guide them to the next level is exceptional. Break-throughs abound as you break it down in an Actor’s Lexicon. How many times have we as actors misunderstood what “they” are saying, like a cryptic algebra problem?!? Risa, you have the amazing ability to speak to an actor in that deep, emotive realm of our natural instincts. Let’s set Hollwood Ablaze with a new understanding!
Kenny Champion, East coast working actor

I took Risa’s class and I learned so much. It’s a great way to hone your audition skills and to bring you back to the love of your work…. which is how you should approach every piece that you get a chance to do… Risa is a wonderful teacher and brings years of experience and expertise to her class. And she loves actors. That is evident. And she’s a sensational director. Her work with actors is impeccable. Take it now!
Kate Prendergast, LA working actor

Risa is one of those rare people who is not only exceedingly gifted but has the capacity to bring forth the gifts in others. In the uneasy marriage between art and commerce that is the film business, art is often the battered bride. Risa reminds us why we chose the profession that we did.
Fred Melamed, LA working actor

I truly enjoyed your workshop last Sunday. On Monday, the day after the workshop, I went in to see John Levey and his director and producers on Showtime’s “Shameless”. Using a tool I learned in your class – “Make the scene about the other person (the reader)”. I found out today that I booked the job! Very cool! Thanks!
– Tommy Franklin, LA working actor

Working with you was truly what I needed. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had. Thank you for allowing me to exorcise my demons, the fear of making quick and clear choices and taking risks. I had a blast. I am inspired to go back to my theatre company and rock out.
Frank Solorzano, NY working actor/producer/filmmaker, Barefoot Theatre Co.

Throw a rock in this town and you’ll hit an acting workshop. But none are better than Risa Bramon Garcia’s Master Class. If you get an opportunity to work with Risa, do it! She gives her expertise, heart, sharp mind, commitment, great taste and focus to her love of the craft and business of acting. And it’s really fun. I work out with her every chance I get.”
Ned Van Zandt, LA working actor

It is so rare to meet someone in casting who is as real and loving as Risa is. She is all about the work, and therefore this class had a huge impact on me. It completely told me what my next step is in my acting process. I walked away with such clarity and focus, which saves alot of precious time and money. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious about working in this industry and what it takes to be an actor in these times.
Lauri Janover, LA working actor

Thank you, thank you, thank you. In one day you’ve managed to de-clutter my process and deepen it at the same time, something I’ve been trying to do on my own for so long now. You’ve given us permission to FIGHT only for what is necessary in the scene, with discoveries along the way. I am so grateful and will continue to enjoy my work, hopefully stepping into your class again and again!
Devon Ogden, LA working actor

“Today I intend to stay out of my head”! “DO THE HOMEWORK”! “It’s a process and a performance…” I can go on and on. I bet I have said these gems (and many more) about a million times before every audition since working with Risa. I’ve never been one to quote people, but after studying with Risa I can’t help it, she is so inspiring! She is an amazing teacher and coach, and the love and respect she shows for actors is genuine. People come in and out of our lives….We always remember the people who CHALLENGE us to be our best. Thank You, Risa!
Mandy Turpin, LA working actor

Risa’s Master Class is one of my favorite places to play. ‘It is our duty to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we can’t catch it, because nothing can be perfect. But in our pursuit, we will achieve excellence.” (Vince Lombardi)

Risa has a knack for maximizing talents and inspiring you to higher levels.
Tye Alexander, LA working actor

It was a GREAT class! Focusing on “the work” and fine tuning it specifically for each person. Perfect for working actors who need to know what they can adjust to improve their odds. I highly recommend this class, even to the most seasoned actors. Helps get your head back on straight!
Eileen Grubba, LA working actor

Don’t hesitate…Take the Master Class! I took the last one, and if I were in town for it, I’d take this one as well! Risa’s workshop is Fab! She’s a treasure. I think you are that for actors — what you provide. The space, the environment, the pearls of wisdom, the NO B.S. The simple truth, and your relentless determination to get at that truth, and lead actors to it. Thank you for all of it. your workshop day, kept finding it’s way to me, in the weeks afterwards. anyway, I’ll keep my posts to a minimum, but I do want to get the word out to my fellow actors to take your workshops, because at the very least as a fellow actor who was at the workshop said to me unprompted… “it’s always good to be in Risa’s Orbit…
– Jeff LeBeau, LA working actor

Risa is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She is such a light. Her ways of working with actors is a gift I wish everyone had. I cannot even describe the effect she has had on my confidence and character.
Risa, You have honestly changed my life, thank you. I will be forever grateful.
– Wednezday Ryan, LA working actor

Working with Risa helps give me confidence when walking into the audition or onto the set. She is intelligent and always emotionally available. Her love of actors and telling-the-story gives me a great trust. After working with Risa, I always feel at home with the part.
Ione Skye, LA working actor, Say Anything, River’s Edge


I don’t want to do any auditions without first seeing Risa. I booked a lead in a movie and Entourage in the short time I’ve worked with her. I have become so much more confident in my acting. She is the best there is.
-Sophie Monk, Australian working actor and pop star

What a delicious experience your Chicago Master Class was. You’re generous in the extreme. I’ll be carrying ideas around with me for a while cuz my pockets are full of your stuff. Thanks!
Darryl Warren, Chicago working actor & musician

What a life changing experience your Master Class in Chicago was. Your light touch with all of us was a revelation. You have given me faith again in being a working actor! Many thanks! A friend of mine sent me this a while back. After the workshop I thought of this and you: You are a physician of truth trying to heal actors.
– Frank Arrington, Chicago working actor

Thanks for the awesome class, and have the opportunity to continue deepening the work!
Cynthia Von Orthal, Chicago working actor

Thank you, thank you, thank you. GLORIOUS day! I’m glowing. Just terrific!
Rebecca Staab, LA working actor

Risa, your Master Class changed my entire preparation process. An exciting thing happened shortly after taking your workshop. I had the opportunity to read for a management company; I went step by step through your process. I knocked the scene out of the park and am now signed with them! Taking your class has been a blessing.
– Joseph Vega, LA working actor

Thank you, Risa. You are an inspiration. Thank you for giving us yourself so freely and openly. Your eye, your expertise, your love of actors, your love of the work, have helped me immensely already. I learned so much yesterday… not only from doing my work, but from watching others work. The kind of honesty that came forward from everyone was incredibly inspirational to me.
– Madonna Cacciatore, LA working actor

We all go into a class wanting something, but we need to also demand that change to come from within ourselves. Risa called me out on my deepest weaknesses, the ones I thought only I could see and that would eventually take care of themselves. She was honest while simultaneously inviting, as well as grateful for the work, and I never felt that I had to be anything other than myself within my process. The entire day was a valuable learning experience that I would recommend that any of my actor friends have. The day was filled with a real and rooted approach that could be applied outside of the room. It’s no coincidence that my auditions have felt stronger since taking her workshop. Sometimes a reminder can be a true gift and within this business filled with endless ups and downs. Risa’s workshop addresses the inner voice that is holding you back and encourages you to kick through those needless walls.
Meryl Williams, NY working actor and filmmaker

Honestly you are the best, I always tell every actor I speak with to take your classes. I would shout it from the rooftops if I could!
– Kim Hopkins, LA working actor

This is wonderful news for anyone who lives in LA! I have studied with Risa Bramon Garcia on a couple of occasions now and what I have learned from her has been invaluable to my career. If you are seeking an acting coach who will look at EVERY aspect of you as a person and then seek the best way to help YOU find your way, find Risa and study with her.
Amber Mikesell, LA/Ohio

I would like to sincerely say thank you for coming to Memphis, and teaching whole heartedly without judgment or superiority. I attended another workshop about a month ago, that sent me into a tailspin. The person conducting the class focused mainly on looks and celebrity status. This was a problem, because I am not interested in either of those things. I live and breathe theatre, where looks don’t matter and everyone works as a team. Afterwards, I seriously struggled with whether or not I could ethically pursue film. Your class showed me the basics are everything, and the work is all that matters. I have been auditioning a lot (it was starting to feel like the endless auditions were the job) your class was the first time I have taken a deep breath throughout this process. I also cannot stress enough how much I appreciated your criticism. It was constructive and supportive! I am currently in a fragile place personally, and when you commented I was not allowing myself to feel the material you turned on a light. I left and was initially emotional, as well as a bit scared because I knew it was true. I thought maybe it was not being comfortable in front of a camera, since I’ve been on stage for so long, I did not realize it was just me. I was not allowing myself to connect emotionally out of fear of what could happen if I was open. Since then, I have been making an effort to use my personal life to expand in scene, rather than shut down when it hits a nerve. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for saying that to me from a good place. I loved your class, and I felt like everyone learned from each other. I was truly inspired by the room-I loved that you started by saying “this is not to impress, this is time to play.” It allowed everyone to be vulnerable and work together to grow as individuals. Thank you for being so kind, and fully seeing each person as special. I now have more ambition to give this my all because of you.
– Chelsea Davis, Memphis teen actor