Private Coaching for Actors

One-on-One Coaching for

    • We’re together for at least an hour of comprehensive work on the text, the character and your process.
    • You’ll get comfortable with the material; make it your own; deepen your intention and your connection with your character and your circumstances; engage with your scene partner (whoever it may be); be active, specific, know what’s at stake; and find the ease, freedom and power in your work.
    • You’ll find the most authentic way to bring yourself to the character and ultimately into the room or onto the set or stage.
    • You’ll fully prepare yourself to walk into an audition or on the set, confident and self-possessed, ready for anything… and be undeniable.
    • Coaching can be for a specific job, audition, or as a work-out session.
    • We can also put you on tape for a particular audition and pull your best takes.


Coaching ranges from $150/hr. – $250/hr.
In person, on Skype, or over the phone. They all work.

Get in touch to see what works for you.


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Risa’s undeniable, intense and immediate insight makes working with her one-on-one remarkable, breath-taking, and eye-opening, all at once. I’ve just had my first pre-read and call-back since our work, and my agents have just been told that I’ve been short-listed and it’s between me and only two others! Thank you, Risa!!
Kate Kelton

I don’t want to do any auditions without seeing Risa. I’ve shot a lead in a movie and an Entourage in my short time working with her, and I have become so much more confident in my acting. She’s the best there is.
Sophie Monk

Working with Risa helps give me confidence when walking into the audition or onto the set. She is intelligent and always emotionally available. Her love of actors and telling-the-story gives me a great trust. After working with Risa, I always feel at home with the part.
Ione Skye

Working with Risa has been revelatory for me. She has taught me how to be more in the moment and less self-involved when auditioning. She helped me realize that acting is about moving and changing the other person, which is much more fun, interesting and freeing than the way I’d been working in the past. I feel so lucky to work with someone with as many years of hard earned wisdom as her. I would greatly encourage any actor, experienced or just starting out, to collaborate with one of our business’s most insightful and gifted pros.
Jaime Ray Newman

and a P.S. from Jaime:

I just want to thank you because I booked a wonderful pilot today and I really owe you a lot of it. As I was walking into the audition I read this sentence that you wrote me: “The difference between good and spectacular is ease, spontaneity, and being totally in the moment, as well as a deeper personal connection.” I literally read that as I walked in and had a very easeful, very loose screen test. And I got the gig. I’m so grateful to you. I’ll just implant these words in my brain. Transition doesn’t happen overnight and I’m excited that I have the opportunity to work for the next couple of weeks in this capacity…  Thank you, thank you.