What is the Master Class?

Risa’s class is such a wonderfully invigorating day of exploration. The special thing about Risa is that her attitude and passion gives us as actor’s the freedom, and more importantly the permission, to get out of our own way. To be committed to what we were doing, no matter if it was right or wrong. I will be back! – Aaron TveitNext to Normal, Catch Me If You Can – Broadway, Graceland (Fox), Howl, Les Miserables

 Risa takes the “bogey man” aspect out of auditioning by getting you back to just focusing on the “work”, which in the end is all you have any say about. Her class is a must not only for the actor starting their career but for the seasoned veteran who needs reminding that every audition is an opportunity to do your best work. Jodi Long, Sullivan and Son, series regular

Risa is a true artist who understands actors, how to communicate with actors, and how to direct actors to do their best work. She simplifies all of “the noise” and makes the work accessible and clear. I run to her class when I need a creative reboot. And be it through the wisdom she imparts or the passion she infuses, she never fails to give the tonic that I need to recharge!
Risa teaches actors how to reclaim their power in the room, and how to have the freedom and permission to own every moment in the audition room. Take her class, you won’t be sorry you did! – Austin Highsmith, Dolphin’s Tale movies



The Master Class is a full intensive day of work with a group of 16-18 actors, all professionals. We work as a group, and I work with everyone one-on-one in the group context. It’s a comprehensive, collective experience and that’s always incredibly valuable. While I address auditioning, the focus of the day is always on interpreting the text, making the best and boldest choices for the scene and the character, connecting with the other character(s), staying truthful, authentic, and in the moment. I work with you so that you can “own the room” and demystify the entire audition experience. Together we identify what you know so well as actors and bring that to this more condensed process. We identify how to stay both relaxed and in control – fully inside the scene. This process works for auditions, rehearsals, reading, performances – all your work on set and on stage.

I don’t use an established method but pull from my own 35 years of experience as a director, casting director, producer and teacher. I work with each actor so that you can make your strongest and most authentic choices, stay truthful to yourself, to the moment, and to the text. And to help you get to better know who you are as an actor, a performer, an artist.

I’m a big believer in the scene living between/among the relationships – no actor can act alone – and I focus on that connection – the other character being the focus of your intention. I also believe strongly in the work evolving from what’s on the page; the clues are right there in the text. Most of all I want you to simplify what you do, distill it down, so that you live the scene quickly, vividly, truthfully, and uniquely. I’ve developed this process through all my years of work in theatre, film and television in NY and LA.

For the Master Class I have everyone fill out a short questionnaire which I study, along with headshots, resumes, websites and reels… so that I can get to know you and choose material for you. I send scenes along a couple of days before we meet. Alternatively I can also work on audition pieces or sides that you may have for upcoming work.

Go to The BGB Studio website and find your workshop in the drop-down menu for dates, prices, and other details. Your payment is made via PayPal (which is easy and fast for all, even if you’re a first-timer).

The Master Class is always an invigorating and illuminating day for me and for everyone who attends. I love it. So will you.

To join a Master Class, go to the BGB Studio Website and find the drop down menu for Workshops for your Master Class. Follow the simple instructions to sign up.

Direct any questions to: Risa@risabg.com or 818-755-9500

Risa is one of those rare people who is not only exceedingly gifted but has the capacity to bring forth the gifts in others.  Risa reminds us why we chose the profession that we didFred Melamed, LA working actor and writer

We all go into a class wanting something, but we need to also demand that change to come from within ourselves. Risa called me out on my deepest weaknesses, the ones I thought only I could see and that would eventually take care of themselves. She was honest while simultaneously inviting, as well as grateful for the work, and I never felt that I had to be anything other than myself within my process. The entire day was a valuable learning experience that I would recommend that any of my actor friends have. The day was filled with a real and rooted approach that could be applied outside of the room. It’s no coincidence that my auditions have felt stronger since taking her workshop. Sometimes a reminder can be a true gift and within this business filled with endless ups and downs. Risa’s workshop addresses the inner voice that is holding you back and encourages you to kick through those needless walls. – Meryl Williams, NY working actor and filmmaker

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